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We are not offering any meat sales at this time  due to the high costs of operation, fuels, etc.











Welcome to Enchanted Feather Farm

We are Simple Folk
living on a Simple Farm
doing not so Simple Things
and we love what we do.

Our Animals

Here at Enchanted Feather Farm we raise farm animals, and on occasion take in rescue farm animals.  We believe in the Old Fashioned methods of raising and caring for our animals.  Whether they are here for their long natural life, or for the purpose of providing food, we give our animals the gentle loving care they so deserve, as we feel all creatures deserve.

With the ever present news of problems with feed for farm animals, we began to prepare our own natural feed mixes for our animals.  We are careful of our sources for our grains and nutrients, and are always researching the problems arising in the agricultural industry news regarding grains.


Our Veggies and Herbs

Our veggies and herbs are grown with the strictest of care.  We only use natural preparations for our soil, and use no unnatural preparations for fighting those nasty pests.  Our plants let us know how happy they are by producing abundant amounts of produce.  Our herbs are vibrant, aromatic, and bountiful.  We utilize some of our herbs for companion planting for our veggies.
         Come on in and wander around a while.         
We have some interesting news to talk about with you.  You can take a sit and visit with our animals.  There are a few interesting recipes you might want to chew on, too.  Take a gander at our gardens.  If you'd like to holler at us, just mosey on over to our contact page.  Of course, any time you feel like gettin' in that ole jalopy and meandering our way, just give us holler to let us know you'll be a visitin', and we'll put a pot of coffee on, or if it's a bit on the warm side,  how about some iced tea.


 We Grow

 We Raise

  We Live

Check out our Products Page for Pricing

We are not offering any meat sales at this time  due to the high costs of operation, fuels, etc.

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